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Modern Home Design

modern home design

Existing / Demo Planmodernhomes2

Proposed Floor Plan

Project Information – Modern Home

Type of Project: Alterations and Additions to existing dwelling
Location: Princess St, Kew
Project Cost: $440,000 (ex. GST)
Floor Plan: 450m2 Site
255m Existing Footprint
315m2 New Footprint
Time Schedule: 12 Months Design & Documentation
12 Months Build

Working with period style homes is always interesting, as construction flaws, structural integrity and existing architecture can all pose challenges for modern home design. For this project, we aimed to take the existing building and its unconventional style and blend it with modern home design, creating a flow through the old and new architectural elements.

Your Modern Home Design


When we design modern homes, we take into account every aspect of the existing property, including the style, heritage and the design of the properties surrounding it. This project allowed us to experiment a lot more with ideas for roof angles, walls and window placement. Every room became an opportunity, and a challenge to make use of the space between, to turn every void into an area where life could take place. The passive solar design, including an upside-down cantilevered timber roof truss, drastically reduces power consumption and the need for heating or cooling. It allows the living space to be used year-round, bringing passive shading that blocks the high summer sun but lets the low winter sun through, the best of both seasons.

Modern home design proposed rear facade

Project & Design Brief

To restore a Victorian period home and build a strong, well-crafted addition to the rear.

“We want a home where art and family life blend. Where playing, drawing, reading, listening and talking take centre stage – not the TV.” The client wanted carefully placed walls for their art collection, as well as clean design to highlight and offset them. They also wanted extensive storage so all technology could be out of sight, a spacious kitchen, an area to entertain, a pantry and indoor/outdoor living. The project was also to be focused around a sustainable passive solar design.

Modern home design proposed living roomClient Location

Built in the 1980s, this period home had suffered from age wear and a poorly constructed pine-clad addition. From the beginning, we knew we needed to restore the front of the house, and modernise the kitchen and bathrooms. In addition to a proposed rear extension for family living and entertaining, these changes needed to seamlessly link their clean modern home design with the surviving period architecture. The property also featured a newly landscaped garden, something that we wanted to highlight in the modern design of the new extension.

Modern home design proposed kitchenProject Solution

The design of the house flows from traditional to contemporary. High Victorian ceilings in the front rooms drop down into the kitchen and eating areas, creating a closer, more intimate family feeling. From here, the new family and living room extension opens up again, creating a space full of light leading perfectly into outdoor living. Sliding doors for the bedrooms seal the space and create a separate entertaining zone. A timber panel hides away the TV screen then lifts up and away on hydraulics, giving the option to create a technology-free zone. Our final design incorporated carefully selected window and wall placements, letting in as much sunlight as possible while maximising solar passive gains. We also wanted to create a refreshing space that focused on freedom of art and expression. Each window opens up to a different view of the garden, and each space in between becomes its own space to relax and reflect on the day.