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Documentation is a critical step in the design and construction process, and shouldn’t be undervalued. It allows the builders to understand exactly what they’re building and enables you to get your designs and ideas approved. When you hire a draftsman, you want someone that will clearly document the building details so that the builder is fully aware of the design that you’re looking for.

At Mesh Design, we’re all that and more. We’re creators, thinkers and innovators, looking to put the best of contemporary design into our projects. We know houses inside and out, we work with you directly to design your home. If you’re simply looking for a draftsman Melbourne, you may have come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for someone to take your dream home ideas and make them a reality, then we’re the team for you.

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Collaborative by Design

At Mesh Design, we work collaboratively alongside you to create design and documentation to suit your needs and tailor them to your personality and unique individual style. Our talented team of designers can take an architect’s sketch, or even drawings of your own design and turn them into full building construction drawings. What’s more, our experience with contractors, consultants and relevant building codes lets us make dealing with local councils easy. We can get your project up and running as fast as possible.

As a small team, we take on a limited number of projects, giving us more time to focus on your project individually and leaving you with a personalised service tailored exactly to your budget and specifications. Our passion lies in quality customer service, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver fantastic results every time. And as a full-service design studio, we can guide you through the entire process, from initial designs through to permits and construction documentation.

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Pre-Purchase Advice

If you’re not sure what you want just yet, or you’re looking for more information on the drafting and design process, come in and talk with our team. We offer pre-purchase advice, including design reviews and site inspections, for people at any stage of the design and construction process. Regardless of whether you’re looking to draft the plans for your first home, or building your tenth investment home, we’ll help you work out exactly what you need.

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For a qualified and experienced draftsman in Melbourne, call us today on 1300 875 307 to book in for a meeting, or send us an email. Come in and chat with our experts, and start your project today.