Tender & Building Permit

building concept design

Tender Coordination

The Designer shall assist the Client in assembling, distributing and evaluating the Tender package, which will include:

  • Preparing and distributing the Construction Documents to each Tenderer selected by the Client / Designer
  • Coordinating a site-inspection meeting with the client (as required)
  • Addressing Tenderer’s questions and issuing clarifications and/or addenda (as required)
  • Assisting the Client with the evaluation of the Tenders
  • Assisting the Client with the awarding of the contract for construction

Building Permit Assistance

The Designer shall assist the client in preparing the application for the Building Permit as required by the local zoning code. The Designer shall prepare a Permit Submission Package, including a completed Application for a Building Permit.


Fees associated with the Application for the Building Permit are the responsibility of the Client.