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Ground Plan2
First Floor Plan
Ground Plan
Ground Floor Plan

Project Information – Townhouse Design

Type of Project: New Build
Location: Munro Street, Coburg
Project Cost: $650,000 (ex GST)
Floor Plan: 510m2 Site
140m Existing Footprint
290m2 New Footprint
Time Schedule: 15 Months Design & Documentation
12 Months Build

The modern townhouse almost feels like a direct challenge to the designer, requiring creative and intelligent use of space so as to create a home that can support all the activities of the modern family lifestyle, whilst still feeling open and unrestrictive. We aimed to give this design a very contemporary feel, incorporating lessons learned from contemporary townhouse designs Melbourne.

Proposed Internal Courtyard Townhouse designs melbourneThe Brief

This particular project proved interesting; a two-story home, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, as well as dining and entertaining space with enough storage for a family. It was to incorporate places to spend time together, but also space to be completely separate if required. The client was searching for something with “light, flow, and a feeling of space.” Simple enough for a single-story home, but the property of this size can easily become cramped and cluttered when adding a second story.

Townhouse deigns melbourne Proposed Coburg Facade

Proposed Kitchen townhouse designs melbourneThe Location

Surrounded by your typical residential zone, the neighbourhood featured mostly California bungalow-style and post-war homes. A representative Melbourne neighbourhood, and definitely something we could work with. There was limited land available for development, meaning we had to be clever in our design to fit in everything the client wanted without it feeling cluttered. A fairly typical townhouse designs Melbourne, but with our own personal flair.

North elevation design

Proposed Coburg Facade Townhouse Designs MelbourneThe Solution

We wanted to design the home around the site’s wedge-like shape, and use the boundaries of the property to their utmost potential by making the best use of the space within them. By pushing the walls of the property to the boundary to create an internal courtyard, is protected from views from the street and neighbouring properties. However, despite being surrounded by walls on all sides, the courtyard doesn’t feel cramped or enclosed, due to the use of windows and greenery. This design allows light in, as wells as visibility from the outside without compromising privacy. Timber cladding on the upper sections of the building accentuates the graceful, floating effect of the roof, and help to make the house feel bigger than it is. In terms of interior design, the finishes are modern and streamlined, intended to connect each part of the home to balance the living and sleeping areas. We worked hard to ensure the building does not present as an imposition on the land, and the sustainable principles pursued in its construction are consistent with the sensitivity of the design approach.


Enclosed space townhouses can be hit or miss, especially when designing for families. Every space in the home gets used, so every space in the home must be useful. We started the project with this notion in mind and aimed to make the home into a singular space that felt connected, yet separate when needed. The flowing design we envisioned comes into existence through the enclosed outside area, creating a feeling of connectedness through visibility.