Working Drawings

working drawings project

Based on the approved Design Development drawings, the Designer shall prepare Construction Documents consisting of drawings and specifications that will describe the scope of work and be suitable for submitting to the relevant Building Surveyor to obtain a Building permit.


The Client shall select hardware, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, cabinetry, tile, stone and decorative lighting fixtures. The Designer shall prepare interior elevations as necessary to describe the locations and arrangements of fixtures and finishes selected by the Client.


Construction Documents shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Architectural Floor Plans detailing the existing construction, demolition, new construction, and the cross referencing of details and sections on subsequent drawings.
  • Power and Data Plans showing electrical outlets, telephone and internet locations.
  • Plumbing fixture locations.
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans indicating placement of ceiling / wall mounted and recessed lighting fixtures, with associated switching arrangements, and location of smoke detectors.
  • Building Elevations at each exterior facade showing the existing residence with the proposed new construction including notes indicating finishes and materials.
  • Details, Sections, Schedules and Notes communicating, in detail, different aspects of the design relating to construction and/or code requirements. These details are essential in conveying the design concept to the General Contractor, the subcontractors and to the Building Department.


Engineering Note: The Design Services do not include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural or civil engineering. See the attached Standard Terms and Conditions for more information.


The Construction Documents shall be reviewed and approved by the Client prior to proceeding to the next phase.