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Melbourne House Designers: How It Works

Looking to complete a major renovation or build from scratch? Let our team of experienced house designers walk you through the process. 

We’ll take it step by step, keeping your budget and vision in mind at every stage. 

The finished product will be a sustainably designed home that meets your needs now and in the future. 

Keep scrolling down this page to take a look at what our services include at each phase of the house design process. 

01 Pre-Design

Speak to the house design team at Mesh Design Projects before you buy an existing home or block of land.

We help home buyers and developers to understand what’s possible when it comes to a major renovation, total rebuild or new build.  

Access our design expertise to ensure you’re making sustainable choices for your lifestyle and your budget. 

During the Pre-Design phase, we do the ‘homework’ for you by determining if you need a planning permit, checking where the sewer is located and tracking down other important information about your property.

02 Concept Design

Let’s start the design journey by looking over existing and proposed floor plans. 

During this stage, we’ll talk about the limitations of your site, its location and its potential. 

Early concepts consider the overall layout of the home in relation to sleeping, eating and relaxing, getting the flow right and then identifying areas that require additional natural light and ventilation. 

We focus on the site orientation to create natural, passive solar design and always keep your budget and time constraints in mind.

03 Design Development

Once your concepts are signed off on, your Melbourne house designer will develop detailed floor plans and elevations so you can begin to understand how your home will look.

Designs take into account the legislative requirements of home builds in your area and will also display things like shadow diagrams so neighbouring properties are not impacted by your new design.  

As part of this stage, we’ll collaborate with you on the preliminary selection of materials and finishes for external use. We will also provide coloured 3D perspectives to illustrate your selections.

To allow you time to feel confident about your decisions, you’ll have the chance to review your new home or renovation designs and request two rounds of revisions. Extra revisions can be provided as Additional Services.

04 Planning Permit Application

Happy with your new home designs? Now it’s time to connect with your local council. 

Our team will arrange a pre-application meeting with the planning department, and the council will then advise if the proposed works meet their requirements.

Your designer will then prepare a planning drawing package for submission so a planning permit can be granted. Leave it to us to liaise with the relevant planner during the advertising period. 

If additional documentation or written reports are requested, we will provide a variation fee.

05 Working Drawings

Based on the approved Design Development drawings and/or planning approval, your designer will now prepare the specific Construction Documents you need to get a building permit.  

As the property owner, it’s now time to choose things like hardware, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, tiles and light fittings. It can feel like a lot of decisions but we can introduce you to an interior designer who will make things easier for you. 

To help with the interior process, you’ll have access to ‘elevations’ which are the designs that show cabinetry height, shelf placement and tap locations etc. 

06 Building Permit

This is the part where we help you prepare your application for a building permit, as required by the local zoning code. 

Mesh Design Projects will liaise with a Building Surveyor and make sure our drawing package covers all the relevant building regulations. We will then prepare a Permit Submission Package, including a completed Application for a Building Permit, on your behalf.

Note: Council application fees and levies will be invoiced by the Building Surveyor.

07 Building Quotes

Choosing the right builder can be difficult if you haven’t done it before. 

After we have completed your Melbourne house designs, let us help by putting together a tender package you can share with builders. This will include all the documents the builder needs to review so they can provide an accurate quote. 

We’ll also coordinate a site inspection, answer prospective builders’ questions and help you make the right choice about who to award the contract to.