What Do We Do?

If you are deciding on purchasing your first home or you are a homeowner/investor and need some advice on renovating or developing, our building designers offer design reviews, concept sketches, planning advice, building permit documentation as well as site inspections across Melbourne.

How Do We Do It?

We start our design journey by providing existing and proposed concept plans. We also review the existing site location and constraints to make sure we are taking advantage of natural light and ventilation. Our team puts many years of practical design experience into shaping your project to meet your requirements and to budget.

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Can We Do It Better?

Our design team are always reviewing and researching new building products and techniques, we simply cannot keep building homes the way we used to with no regard for energy efficiency. We strive to design more feasible sustainable green homes for the average homeowner at a budget-friendly cost for our clients.

How much does it cost? How long does it take?

About Mesh Design + Projects

We are building designers in Melbourne specialising in contemporary residential home design. Mesh Design Projects is a small firm, with a selected suite of projects at any one time. We provide quality drafting and design services throughout Melbourne for renovations, extensions, and new builds. We take pride in listening to your ideas, providing expert advice, suggestions, and support while organizing all aspects of both drafting and design.

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Benjamin Jewell

Building Designer

Matthew Duignan

Principal / Senior Designer

Shawn Building Designer

Shawn Song

Senior Building Designer



We take great pride in creating the most innovative designs that are not only visually appealing but are also extremely practical and comfortable living spaces. Budget and client requirements are our main focus. We stay updated with current trends so that our design ideas are constantly evolving. Energy efficiency and sustainability are very important factors to consider as current building regulations are being updated and reviewed annually.

Looking for a quality and affordable construction services for your next project? Affordable construction services for your next project?