building concept design

Property Information

The Designer shall contact local council and/or relevant authorities to obtain the following documents:

  • Property Information
  • Copy of Title
  • Sewer plan location


The designer will also confirm if a planning application is required.

Existing Conditions Survey

The Designer shall survey the existing conditions, take accurate measurements and prepare a set of Existing Conditions Survey (ECS) documents, including floor plans and photographic reference of internal and external conditions.

Design Brief

The Designer shall provide one (1) meeting to discuss the Client’s goals and establish the project requirements including the Project Scope, the Client’s budget expectations, space requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Concept Design

Based on the requirements established at the Design Brief meeting, the Designer shall prepare a Concept Design comprised of up to two (2) proposed solutions for the Project. Each Concept Design solution will include a demolition plan and proposed floor plan.


The Designer shall provide one (1) meeting to present and discuss the Concept Design and corresponding Construction Budgets (see description below).

Construction Budget

The Designer shall calculate a Construction Budget for each Concept Design, which will be a square-metre-based calculation of the approx. cost for the construction.


The Client shall select one (1) proposed solution and discuss any changes required. The Designer shall prepare a maximum of two (2) revisions to the selected Concept Design. Any additional revisions during the Concept Design Phase shall be considered Additional Services.