Construction Administration

Project Aministraion

Based on the signed contract between the Client and General Contractor, the Designer shall provide the following services during construction.

  • The Designer shall attend Project coordination meetings with the Client and the General Contractor as reasonably required to assist in expediting the Project and to provide clarification of construction documents. The Designer shall visit the Project site at regular intervals as appropriate to observe the progress of the work and determine whether the work is in accordance with the Construction Documents. The Designer shall recommend the rejection of any work that is not in accordance with the Construction Documents.
  • The Designer shall review and certify the General Contractor’s request for payment.
  • The Designer shall review and take appropriate action in a timely manner on all subcontractors’ submittals such as shop drawings, product data and/or samples.
  • At substantial completion, the Designer shall prepare a “defects list” of work to be corrected and review the corrective work to completion.
  • The Designer shall review the status of construction to determine the dates of Substantial Completion and Final Completion and shall receive and forward to the Client written warranties and related documents assembled by the General Contractor and subcontractors.