What consultants do I need when building a home?

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Which consultants do I need when you are designing and building your own home in Melbourne? Take a look at our helpful list.

It takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to make a village… or a house, for that matter. 

If you’re planning to design and build your own home, you will need a number of consultants on your side. The more experienced these consultants are, the better. 

Of course, your home designer and your home builder are key. However, it is likely that you will need other people involved in the process. Here’s a rundown of the different professionals who you may call on to help you build your own home. 

Broker or lender

Your first expert is the person who will help you access finance to pay for your new home. This could be a broker or you could go straight to a bank to apply for a construction loan. 

Real estate agent

If you’re not doing a knockdown rebuild, you will need land. An agent will help you find what you are looking for. 

Geotech engineer 

The Geotech engineer is all about the land. They will test the soil in accordance with Australian standards and provide a report. This report will let you know how deep the foundations can be, give an idea of what your footing (the layer above the foundation) should be like, and what sort of issues the land you want to build on might have.

Land surveyor and Feature surveyor 

Your land surveyors come in two forms, the feature surveyor and the title re-establishment. The two are usually completed in conjunction and can often be carried out by the same firm to save hiring multiple surveyors. 

The feature survey focuses on topography, that is the levels of the land. The survey establishes natural features as well as man-made, such as existing buildings, sheds, telephone poles, driveways, and other utilities. This survey is required in order to get planning and building approval and is essential in order to design your home to suit the land.

Title re-establishment is carried out in order to determine exactly the boundaries of your property. Doing this gives you standing in any possible future fencing disputes with neighbours as well as verifying the limits of your property. It is especially important if you are building your home on or near a boundary. 

Planning Consultant 

A planning consultant may not be necessary if your planning permit doesn’t require any planning advice or feasibility reports. If these are required, your planning consultant will be your expert to advocate for your building’s requirements.

Your Building Designer will recommend or even act as a planning consultant. 

Structural Engineer 

Your structural engineer is the backbone of the entire process of building your new home. Their job is to design and document the following:

  • Footings, foundations and concrete slabs 
  • Retaining wall design 
  • Sewer and water reticulation
  • Suspended floor systems
  • Wall, floor and roof framing
  • Steel structural columns and beams if required

Having a qualified structural engineer design these elements is what will make your house structurally safe and compliant with Australian Standards.

Arborist and landscaping experts

You may need an arborist to make recommendations about the landscaping on your property. The landscape designer and landscaper will make sure your garden and outdoor areas look great and function well. 

Energy assessor  

An Energy Report must be carried out on your new home in order to get approval. This is an assessment carried out to make sure your home is to a minimum standard of energy efficiency, the higher the rating the less cost to run your home.

Lighting designer

You can’t underestimate how lighting can change your home. A good lighting designer will help you get the right lighting for each room to match its purpose and function.

Interior designer

Your interior designer adds the final touches to your home. Despite their name, they can also design colour schemes and features for the exterior of your home. They are your best friend when it comes to finalising your fixtures, joinery, and finishes as they will make the decision process easier for you. 

Some interior designers can help with joinery and lighting designs as well. 

Ask your Building Designer to recommend these professionals. Having worked on many projects, they will know who can help you plan and complete your new home build. Contact Mesh Design Projects to find out more.

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